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Fatigue test of welded T-joints of the autobus industry

FEA (Finite Element Analysis), Material testing

Fatigue test of welded T-joints of the autobus industry


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Welded joints


Autobus| Automotive

The aim of the project is to perform fatigue tests of welded T-joints of steel hollow sections. By applying cyclic loads on different load niveous and evaluating the cycles to failure, the fatigue curve of the welded joint can be mathematically described and scaled to any survival probability.

eCon Engineering was requested to determine fatigue life of welded steel T-joints. For this project, 16 pieces of identical welded T-joint samples were provided. During the process, test rig was designed and manufactured, welding imperfections of samples were checked with dye penetrant method. Static and dynamic fatigue tests were carried out on pre-defined and calculated load levels to determine fatigue life, namely stress-fatigue life (stress-number of cycles, S-N) curves of welded joints.

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