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Thursday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Simulation Results from Quality Assurance View


Quality assurance and feasibility with injection molding simulation

Essential knowledge to evaluate and understand injection molding simulation results.

Simulation Results from Quality Assurance View training from Econ engineers.


What is needed for a “good” simulation?
Input data, modelling simplifications, neglections impact on results

A mesh of problems
Meshing procedures, impact of mesh errors on results

Outputs at will
Effects of solvers and computational settings on results

Simulation options
Analysis types and limitations

Let’s see what we see in the figure!
Interpreting and reporting simulation results

Date and time: 30 November, 10am-3pm
Location: Zagreb*

*(address depends on the number of attendants)

Simulation Results from Quality Assurance View training language: English

Result interpretation training

Participation at the training is subject to registration and fee. Training fee: €300 + VAT / person.

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